Complete renovation includes a new approach to HVAC

I’m actually sort of starting a business of my own.

Well, I guess it’s more of investments that also provide a nice revenue stream outside of my salary.

Having a couple of kids to put through college will motivate a person to getting creative about creating additional revenue. So I bought a couple of houses cheap to fix and rent. That means all new HVAC, kitchen, flooring and some plumbing and electrical work. I’m able to do the basic plumbing and electrical work. However the HVAC was something that I needed an HVAC professional to do. The HVAC company I’m working with is great and they do my HVAC service plan as a matter of fact. Right away, it was evident that we would have to gut the entire HVAC unit. And not just the HVAC equipment. The ductwork in both places was completely shot as well. I had done some research on ductless heat pumps for a few years. I really like the price and the fact that they were so efficient really was a big selling point for me. I wanted my renters to have good, reliable heating and cooling that wasn’t going to cost them a fortune in heating and cooling costs. I also like the fact that I didn’t have the cost of running a ductwork system through two houses. That was such a savings in itself that I was super glad that I finally had something happen to get me of my duff and get the ductwork cleaning done. All it took was seeing filth fall from my ceiling to make pick up the phone and call the HVAC.



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