Cleaning the ductwork for the new buyer

My wife and I recently sold our four-bedroom house.

All of our children are grown and out of the house and it doesn’t make sense to have such a large place anymore.

My wife and I decided to sell the big house and buy an RV so we can travel across the country. The house was on the market for 2 months before we received a full offer. The buyer did have a few requests. One of the requests was due to the fact that we have four dogs. The new buyer has terrible allergies. Since she can’t move into the house until the ductwork has been cleaned and sanitized, she asked if we would be willing to pay for the service. We agreed to have the ductwork cleaned and sanitized before we moved out of the house. My wife and I paid the ductwork cleaning company $800 to clean and sanitize all of the ductwork, air vents, return fence and covers. They performed an incredibly thorough job. They had a whole cart of tools and they used a camera to make sure all of the areas were clean and free of dust or debris. I was surprised by the clean smell when they finished the job. Everything looked clean and spotless and we couldn’t see a single speck of dust on any of the surfaces. The new buyer was happy with the results. We signed all of the final paperwork last week, and now we’re looking for our new mobile home. We plan to head out west as soon as we can. There are so many parks and monuments to see.

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