Can’t turn on Heating and Air Conditioning or the dog freaks out

When my buddy decided to adopt a dog I thought it was a cool idea.

When he decided to adopt a special-needs dog, I considered it a brave idea.

When he asked if I would watch his special needs dog for a week I thought I’d be able to handle it if he gave me detailed instructions. However, I never could’ve anticipated how difficult it would be to deal with a handicapped dog. Especially because I cannot communicate with the dog and I can barely even lift him. Mobility problems aside, he easily could’ve given me more information about his new dog, including his apparent hatred for central HVAC systems. Within the first few minutes of having this pup in my house, all hell broke loose. I made the horrible mistake of changing my thermostat settings so my air-conditioning would kick on. It was feeling hot and stagnant inside after bringing the dog inside so I did what I always did and used my AC system to handle the heat and humidity. Unfortunately, the dog vehemently disagreed with my desire for cooler indoor air conditions. As soon as the air conditioner began running, the dog began flailing around wildly. I couldn’t get him to calm down no matter what I did. When the air conditioning unit stopped giving high-quality treated indoor air to the home, the dog calmed down. However, for the past week I’ve been unable to use my air conditioning program without witnessing a chaotic disaster with my friend’s special needs dog. I never knew that a dog could be so stubborn about a Heating and Air Conditioning system. I will never watch his dog for so long again.
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