Camping postponed due to excessive heat

My friends plus I were going to go camping for Memorial Day weekend.

Every one of us had multiple mornings in a row plus the two of us were going to spend them at the lake. I purchased a new fishing pole plus a larger tackle box. I even purchased a few lures just for big mouth bass. These special lures mimic the movement of real fish plus they have great reviews. I found the perfect camping spot in the state park plus the two of us even had a locale with water plus electricity. They only have a couple sites with electricity, so making reservations early turned out to be a blessing. My friends plus I were excited plus the two of us were counting down the morning. About multiple weeks before the Memorial Day weekend camping trip, the two of us experienced some record heat. I thought the heat would go away, but it continued right through Memorial Day weekend. My friends plus I did not idea to go camping with hot plus cold temperatures in the 90 degree range. Every one of us tried to come up with a few ways to keep the tent cool. I looked at portable air conditioners, but they were too high-priced. I even thought about using a window air conditioner from the house, but I could not come up with a way to install the machine. My friends plus I discussed the sizzling hot plus cold temperatures plus the two of us came up with multiple air conditioner ideas. Every one of us even thought about using a freezing wet towel to make an evaporative cooler. Unluckyly, none of our ideas would have made the weekend comfortable so the two of us decided to cancel the trip plus idea another time at the lake.


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