Building a personal health program

Recovery after the accident was very difficult.

Now that it is behind me, I have to say that the accident was a blessing in disguise, and because of the injury I am in better health than I ever have been before.

My family are all plus-sized, partially due to genetics and partially due to a diet rich in dairy, red meat, and bread. Our favorite vegetable to have a side was potatoes pan fried in bacon grease, if that gives you any idea of how we ate! But after getting hurt, and bringing myself back, physical fitness became a priority in my life. I started group physical training classes, to sort of ease into the new lifestyle. You have to crawl before you can walk and for me that meant a few weeks of nothing but warming up my body to the idea of a workout program. After I had gotten accustomed to hitting the gym every single day, then I reached out to a personal trainer to talk about customizing a program for me. My end goal was not just weight loss, but a total health program to also help me out with nutritional counseling too. Ia actually spoke with two different personal trainers, so that I would have a better perspective through a second opinion. I liked them both, but went with the second personal trainer because they also utilized a lot of yoga classes in their program, which I was interested in. Yoga classes can help with the overall health program I was building for myself, which includes mental health.

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