Better way of life after divorce

My wife & I were only married for a year before we got divorced.

  • Our separation was angry, nasy & expensive.

Over the course of that single year, my wife completely wrecked my confidence. I allowed her to dictate way too much about my lifestyle. I gave up my friends & switched to a job that I didn’t even like. I wasn’t quite sure how to make positive changes to get back on track. I felt depressed & defeated. A coworker of mine recommended that I look into a gym membership. He said that physical improvements would help me feel better all around. I figured I’d have the opportunity to meet people at the gym. It sounded like a good strategy, so I signed up & paid for a full membership. I took part in every group fitness class available & went to the gym every evening after work for multiple hours. I realized that getting my heart pumping & taking my body to its limits felt great. I started getting stronger & healthier. I set goals & accomplished them. I dropped weight, built muscles & increased my endurance & flexibility. I have become friends with a whole new circle of people through the gym. They are interested in the same life habits of exercise, good nutrition & a positive outlook. They’ve invited me to join them in activities outside of the gym. I now spend my weekends camping, running marathons, rock climbing, taking hikes, kayaking & cycling. I feel happier and look better than I ever have. I’ve changed jobs and started dating again.


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