Been a while and need help

My house has not been cleaned in lord knows how long.

  • And it has got pretty bad! The air quality is horrible as a result and something needs to be done.

Sadly, this is beyond my doing cause of how bad it is. I am going to need to hire a maid service or some kind of cleaning service to get this deep house cleaning done! A maid service could possibly be the cheapest option to me at the moment. I know other professional cleaning services can run hundreds of dollars. A maid service however to do a deep cleaning of this house could be only a few hundred bucks. That is kind of what i’m looking for at this point. Some maid services offer deep cleaning services, but finding the right maid services that offer deep cleaning services is going to be quite a major task to tell you the truth! But this is what the internet is for of course. I will have to do some serious research on maid services that offer deep cleaning services within my price budget. Which right now the most I could possibly spare on something like this is around three hundred dollars tops. No more than that or I could risk not having enough money to pay all my bills and other survival needs throughout the month. Being on a tight budget makes it rough to have to hire deep cleaning services. This is why once I do finally get this done i will be keeping up on my house cleaning a lot more!