Author: Jamal

Should I Invest in Advanced HVAC Plan

I’ve always heard about HVAC memberships that include wonderful discounts on HVAC maintenance. I’ve never considered joining one of the annual HVAC memberships because I didn’t think I could benefit from it. Back when I first heard about the annual memberships, my HVAC system was fairly new and it didn’t give me any trouble. I […]

I Had a One Year Warranty To Cover HVAC System

During the negotiation phase of purchasing my current house, I came away with a one year home warranty. When the seller suggested the warranty, I overlooked it and thought it would be useless. However, my realtor suggested that I seriously consider the warranty because it would cover anything from electrical work, plumbing, and heat or […]

HVAC Maintenance Plan Seems Nice

I’ve been having my HVAC system serviced by a certified HVAC professional for several years now. I work with the same HVAC company and they always send someone to my house twice per year. Recently, one of the HVAC technicians that came to service my HVAC system told me about the company comfort club. The […]

A Smart Thermostat Was Recommended

I had no idea that smart thermostats were so good at keeping an HVAC system running efficiently I’ve been searching for a new thermostat. The HVAC professional who installed my brand new AC system recommended that I upgrade the thermostat as well. I thought he was simply trying to upsell me and get me to […]

Through with deliberating over HVAC

It’s been almost a year since the HVAC technician suggested that we begin to consider replacing the HVAC equipment. And still, I haven’t been able to make a decision on which way to go. This yet another reason I wish I was married still. It’s these kind of decisions that would be so much easier […]

Complete renovation includes a new approach to HVAC

I’m actually sort of starting a business of my own. Well, I guess it’s more of investments that also provide a nice revenue stream outside of my salary. Having a couple of kids to put through college will motivate a person to getting creative about creating additional revenue. So I bought a couple of houses […]