Author: Jamal

The bill was high

The other week I had to call the local heating and air conditioning company to send out a heat and a/c specialist to repair my central HVAC system. We have been having a major heat wave here and the air conditioning went out. The repair costs were not too bad. However, when I got the […]

Deep clean time

I have my home deep cleaned once a year. I really do this because it needs it due to where I live and all the dust in the air. I have everything done from the carpets to the central heating and air conditioning system’s ductwork cleaned. And after every single deep clean, the indoor air […]

Buying without thinking

Whenever you find something in store that is so cheap that it is too good to be true, chances are, it is. This was the case when i was shopping in this discount dollar store (as they call them) and found that they had portable space heaters for sale that were going for under 20 […]

Putting an end to arguments

Me and my family are always arguing about where the thermostat of the central heating and air conditioning system unit should be set. It seems that each and every single one of us have different temperature preferences within our bodies. Finally, after looking into things, I found that the best solution to this problem would […]

Making a new start

I have enough savings and credit to survive if I went that route and it failed It is very strange. Maybe it is like a mid life crisis or something, but I decided to quit my career of over twenty five years last week. I made a decision that I want to have change in […]

Advancing pretty fast

Back when I first started working for my very first heating and cooling company as a certified heat and a/c specialist, I will never forget how I got promoted to management within the first 6 months of working there! Here I was, a brand new and fresh heating and air conditioning specialist fresh out of […]

Calling for assistance

I just recently bought a smart thermostat for my central heating and air conditioning system. The smart thermostat was easy to instal. However, I am having some issues working with the thing. I do not understand a lot of the features of this smart thermostat and I also do not understand completely how to use […]

This wasn’t foreseen

I went and bought a brand new central heating and air conditioning system last month. I had the cost and everything all budgeted out and it was a real task to do so, but I did it. However, I had a nice surprise when it came time to finalize the purchase of the brand new […]

Teaching is not easy

I am a former heating and air conditioning specialist who after I retired ended up becoming a teacher at one of our local heat and a/c schools. I am the one who teaches the new and upcoming heating and air conditioning specialists what they need to know in order to get their HVAC certification. But […]

I miss the simple times

I personally do not like central heating and cooling when comparing it to how things used to be. You know, I really miss the simpler times of life. It seems technology today has got ultra ridiculous and unnecessary things going with that which is required in today’s life! For instance, the heating and air conditioning […]