Assisting my friend

My friend works as an independent contractor and runs his own deep cleaning service.

This cleaning service of his handles deep cleanings for all kinds of places.

He does house cleaning, office cleaning services as well as offers a maid service too for local hotels and motels. Or, if a general resident just needs a maid instead of a deep cleaning service, my friend can provide that to them as well. He was short handed the other week and asked me if I could come and help with a few of the deep cleaning service jobs he had. The pay he offered me was pretty decent for being such a filthy job. I was in the market for some extra cash, so I took it. I have to say that the job was very hard! One would think that cleaning is basic. This is not the case at all. There are so many factors to take in when thinking about and knowing about what a real deep cleaning service goes through just to ensure you get the most one hundred and ten percent quality service you are paying for. There are never any excuses as to why the deep cleaning service did not perform its job right. My friend offers free redos of any deep cleaning service purchased if the customer is not happy with the initial results. It has been a very rare thing that my friend ever had to make good on that offer. But a few times he got some pretty stuck up people that he thinks were just trying to scam him to get free service.

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