Apparently my air conditioner had more issues than I thought

I was pretty surprised when I started having heating and cooling issues.

My air conditioning unit was still relatively new, and I didn’t think that I would start having issues so early on.

I noticed that my heater and A/C would start making noises throughout the day, all kinds of noises too, not just the same ones. Then my HVAC started refusing to turn on when I would try. I would have to keep pressing the button before it would eventually kick on. I guess my final warning sign that I should have paid attention to was when my AC actually started. Yet still, I just figured that it was from condensation or something like that. Unfortunately for me, I was wrong and eventually my cooling system got to a point where it wouldn’t turn on at all. So I was forced to call out a HVAC contractor and explain the issue. When the HVAC tech did arrive and took a look at my HVAC issue, he told me that he was surprised that my air conditioning lasted this long, apparently I had multiple parts failing in my A/C unit. He then gave me an estimate of the price it would cost and I wanted to faint. It was incredibly expensive, and I knew I couldn’t afford something like that. I had to call my father and ask him to loan some money. My father did, but he told me that this is the first and the last time that he was doing this, and that I should get a HVAC plan like he has, so I would never have any issues. If an issue did pop up, the HVAC repairman would let you know ahead of time, and it would be a lot cheaper to fix than was I was currently going through.

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