Always out of stock

It certainly gets to be an frustrating thing when I go to our local heating plus a/c product contractor only to find that they are regularly out of HEPA air filters! It is not that they don’t stock them.

It is just that the minute they come in, it seems that most people rushes to the heating plus a/c contractor to buy them all up! I never can get there in time, then hEPA air filters are the best air filters for everything.

From central heating plus s to media air cleaners plus even gas furnaces if you have 1 of those. HEPA air filters are what is ruling the air filter sales in heating plus cooling. In our section this heat plus a/c contractor is the only site that carries HEPA air filters. So because of them regularly being out of them, I have to order most of our HEPA air filters online from some far away store in another state! On opportunity I will find 1 small pack of HEPA air filters left at the local heating plus a/c corporation. But that is absolutely sparse that it will happen prefer that. What they should do is just order more HEPA air filters plus overstock if needed. It is not prefer they won’t sell! If I was in charge of the local heating plus a/c contractor this is what I would do. But of course, I am not, so I have to deal with their lack of supplier knowledge plus just have to keep ordering our HEPA air filters on the internet!

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