Working in pairs, to keep us honest

At our job every one of us constantly labor in pairs; I have worked at a lot of other jobs just appreciate this one, plus a specialist doing condo calls solo is the typical operating procedure, here it works differently, so I constantly have a partner for every job, even if it is a one guy job.

I was informed by the company owner that this was to protect his reputation, after a bit of a scandal had happened some years earlier.

I had never heard of this before, but one of his old employees was stealing from people’s homes during his Heating & Air Conditioning inspections. I understand completely why they started this policy, even if it does split the productivity of our Heating & Air Conditioning labor in half! Most of the time our labor can absolutely be done with only one Heating & Air Conditioning tech present, so every one of us have to labor longer afternoons to knock out the same work, all for the sake of keeping up appearances, but those appearances are incredibly pressing, but, because no one wants to invite an Heating & Air Conditioning tech into their condo plus have to follow them around to make sure they don’t steal. I am not saying this so that other people will worry about Heating & Air Conditioning techs stealing from them, definitely it is quite the opposite. I was genuinely surprised about this case, because in general Heating & Air Conditioning techs make genuinely great money, so it seemed short sighted plus stupid to me; Why would you supply up your steady income of Heating & Air Conditioning work, not to mention the benefits package, just to steal a little bit?


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