Window a/cs are the ideal solution

Living in a freezing weather area means that central cooling isn’t necessary.

  • After spending approximately eight months trapped in the house, our whole family looks forward to opening windows plus getting outside.

We’re tired of keeping the modern home sealed up tight plus depending on the heating system. We’ve had enough of breathing the same stale air. The warmer weather is simply too precious to waste. As soon as I’m able to shut off the heating system, I start opening windows plus welcoming in a fresh breeze. I think introducing natural ventilation is important to our indoor air pollen levels. I’m also legitimately relieved to get out from under a big energy bill. Despite investing into a high-efficiency heating system, the heating bills add up. The furnace handles temperatures down to twenty below zero plus runs non stop for more than half the year. While our summer time weather doesn’t last all that long, we do experience temperatures in the upper eighties. The high humidity makes the modern home assume overheated plus sticky. It’s only a problem at evening, when sleeping becomes just about impossible. I’ve really solved this problem with the purchase of a window a/c for each kitchen. I bought each component for under several hundred dollars, plus the replacement takes less than five minutes. Although the cooling units are compact plus lightweight, they are plenty powerful enough to cool a large kitchen. They each include a cordless remote that makes it self-explanatory plus convenient to adjust temperature plus fan speed without getting out of bed, because the cooling plan circulates plus filters the air, the kitchens are cleaner, assume fresher plus offer a more hygienic sleeping environment… For our needs, window a/cs are the ideal solution.


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