When the undefined doesn't work well

I was so cheerful to finally transport out of our parents house; I took the first house that I could find in our budget.

I didn’t suppose anything about looking for apartments and I didn’t bother to check if the plumbing worked well or even if I was responsible to pay the warm water bill.

The first month in the house went well, then all of our bills were paid and I had food in the fridge. The second month in the house went downhill. I started to have trouble with the AC unit. I called the landlord and he told me that I was responsible for paying for the AC repairs. I looked at our lease and I could not guess that I did not pay attention to that clause. I didn’t suppose what to do about the AC problems and it was only the beginning of Summer. I called our mom and dad and they paid for an AC repair supplier to come to the apartment. Thankfully, the repair was incostly. I still owe our mom and dad $400 for the cost of the AC repair, but at least I do not have to spend the entire Summer being miserable. I was in a hurry to get out of our parents house and be on our own, but I should have waited until I was more financially stable to move. My parents would have been cheerful to let me stay as long as I wanted. They were in no rush for me to leave. I am the youngest of three and now the house is completely empty.


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