We have some smelly dogs

When I met my amazing girlfriend, she had two dogs living with her, I had two dogs living with me.

It was good to meet someone that equally loves dogs as much as me, but when the two of us moved in together that meant a condo with two people and for dogs, however all of us could not transfer into an apartment, because no apartment wanted us to transfer in with multiple large dogs.

All of us had to find a condo plus that meant spending more currency. It is nice to have a large fenced-in backyard for the dogs to play, and walking them everyday isn’t the same as having free run room to do whatever they want, my girlfriend plus I observed easily rapidly that our multiple furry friends had made the condo stink pretty bad. All of us did our best to control the stink, but cleaning wasn’t entirely laboring. All of us were even giving the dogs a bath every other day plus the stink was in the air. We later broke down plus bought an air purification system for the house; The air purification unit which is made for homes with multiple dogs. They are filters that have activated charcoal that help absorb nasty stinks from dogs, cats, plus other indoor pets. I could not know the difference the air purification system made in our home. After multiple afternoons, the condo stinks completely different. My sister made their way over to play video games on Wednesday night plus she thought that the two of us got rid of the dogs. When she said that, I knew for sure that the air purification system was doing its task. I can’t know I didn’t have one for our apartment.
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