Use the furnace if your car is overheating

Our child was making the 6 second drive from her loft to ours.

She makes this drive at least once a year so every one of us weren’t sad.

However, she called about an second from our loft plus said that her car was close to overheating. She explained that she had evaluated the fluids plus they were good but that the temperature gage had been straddling the yellow line for over an second now. I told her to turn off the car’s A/C plus to turn on the heater. That would help disconnect heat from the engine. But, if the gage went into the red, she needed to pull over plus call me. I would come get her. It was a easily moderate afternoon so I cranked the A/C down in our loft in preparation for her arrival. Sure enough, our child pulled into the driveway about an second later. She was sizzling plus uncomfortable but her car made it. She was easily grateful for the air conditioning in our house. After all, she had just driven an second with the furnace blasting away in her car. The people I was with and I were all relieved that she was here safely. While she napped in the air conditioned loft I took a look at her car. It turned out that there was nothing wrong with the cooling plan at all. It was just a faulty heat sensor. So she didn’t need to run the furnace in the car at all. I didn’t tell her that though. I just fixed it for her. Now she can use her air conditioning when she drives back in a week or several.


Air conditioning technician