Uber was stuck on HOT

Crowd sharing rides are challenging for myself and others to deal with because of my social anxiety.

However, I never realized that the indoor air temperature settings could be a much larger trigger than even my social fears.

I guess getting locked inside a automobile with horrible onboard heating, cooling, plus air quality control was what I needed to develop a new phobia – uncomfortable automobile rides. You see, the problem all started when I was leaving the home Last monthin the middle of a recognizably terrible hot spell. The summer time air had been severely hot plus humid for the past several months already, however now it was taking a turn for the worse. Suddenly the outdoor air was so overwhelmingly uncomfortable that I changed outfits several times to deal with the outdoor temperature. I knew that the indoor air at my final destination was going to be nothing care about the outdoor air temperature that had to be traversed. This is when I managed to put on several layers of clothing to offset the cold air quality of the venue plus jumped straight into my Uber separate from another thought, and unfortunately, when I got into the automobile I noticed that the heating, cooling, plus ventilation settings were not up to my preferences. In fact, it felt care about the driver was blasting more heat into the vehicle, rather than high quality air conditioning to neutralize the heat outdoors. For the entire ride, the indoor air was stifling. I tried to roll down a window, however the humidity made the automobile believe even worse. Eventually, I started stripping off layers of clothes in the back of the automobile to deal with the lack of AC. By the time I reached my destination, I was practically naked, sweaty, plus filled with terror every time I thought about Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C in my taxi for the foreseeable future.

a/c tune up