Trying to workout during home remodeling project

There’s simply no available time.

My husband and I are in the middle of a remodeling project. We’ve torn down walls and ceilings to the bare studs. We’re in the process of putting up insulation and drywall as well as sanding the hardwood floors. The goal is a whole new kitchen and living room. This means new cupboards, countertops and windows. We expect the job to take us several months to complete. The mess has spread throughout the entire house. It’s impossible to contain the amount of construction debris, dust and tools. We are handling all the work ourselves and devoting every minute of our free time to moving the project forward. I’ve found it very difficult to accomplish my daily workout. In my regular routine, I get up every morning at 7:30 AM and devote at least an hour to physical fitness. When the weather is mild, I can get outside and go for a run, ride my bicycle and jump rope. If it’s overly chilly, windy, raining or even hot and humid, I typically workout in an area of the house I’ve set up as a personal gym. This area is now dusty at all times. I need to get up extra early to make time to clean the equipment and mats. No matter how well I clean everything, there’s still a great deal of lingering dust. I spend the entire workout sneezing and coughing. There’s also the difficulty of finding an opportunity to workout. There’s simply no available time. I’m so exhausted from working on the remodeling project, I can’t force myself to get up any earlier. I don’t want to leave my husband to hang drywall by himself while I workout. However, skipping my workout altogether gets me extremely aggravated. I want to maintain my fitness level.
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