The uncommon and odd sound was the motor belt

It was sizzling and loose and a major problem.

Did you know there is a belt on the motor that runs the a/c? I did not know this information until I had to call a service service. I noticed a uncommon and odd sound coming from the a/c about a week before I called the service service. At first, the sound was faint. A few afternoons later, the noise was louder and louder. It took some time to realize the sound was coming from the a/c.It was really overheated and humid outside and I didn’t want the a/c to stop working in the middle of the day, so I decided to call a service service before the machine broke down. The lady on the phone told me that that problem sounded love that belt needed to be changed on them over! She said it was easy. The lady sent a service worker to my apartment on the same day. The service worker took the a/c apart so she could find the source of the sound. The lady on the phone was undoubtedly correct and the problem was the belt on the motor. It was sizzling and loose and a major problem. The service worker had another motor belt in the service truck and the girl fixed the problem in a short amount of time. If the belt would have broken, the machine would not have run at all. It’s a fine thing that I was listening to the machine. It might have been a more fancy service if I had waited a lot longer to address the uncommon sound.

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