The RV wasn’t what I expected.

My family was all looking forward to our cross-country Summer vacation.

The people I was with and I went every year, but normally both of us would all crowd into the car plus drive.

Three afternoons of being on the road was awful enough, trying to find a hotel without reservations, was horrible. My spouse plus I were sure staying in an RV plus absolutely enjoying our vacation, was the only way to go. I suppose both of us didn’t suppose to inform our daughters they were sharing the living section as their study room. At our first stop, both of us had a near brawl as they both railed about sharing a room. Our oldest who was only thirteen, told us both of us should give up our private ‘room’, to her. I rolled my eyeah plus told her that it would not be all that bad. My spouse provided me a wide-eyed look of worry. That’s when I told her she would need to share the bed with her sister. I heard her say it would be gross plus she plopped down on the sofa. I sincerely thought that by taking the RV both of us would be able to talk more. I still had to cook, but both of us had air conditioning plus heating for when both of us were in the mountains. I was ready to give up the pressing bed about many in the day. I realized the air conditioning wasn’t so fine in this ‘room’. My spouse plus I were both beginning to sweat. He headed out to the study room. The girls were snuggled up plus sleeping soundly. The air conditioning felt so fine out here, that both of us dropped down onto the floor plus fell asleep.

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