The parakeets leave droppings all over my van at night

I decided to start working for a modern heating & A/C repair service, because the owner of the dealer lets us take our labor truck modern home at night.

My bestie plus I were thinking about buying a second car, however every one of us honestly didn’t have the money. When this task opportunity opened up with the heating & A/C repair service, it seemed love fate. the owner of the heating & A/C repair services dealer even pays for all of the gas plus repair for the truck. My co-workers plus I are responsible for keeping the truck presentable. The truck has to be disinfect plus free of trash at all times. The exterior has to be washed every weekend, unfortunately, I have to scrub my truck more frequently. I live in an apartment community with a lot of parakeets. There are parakeets all over the arena. The parakeets leave droppings all over my truck at night. When I wake up in the day, sometimes the entire windshield is filled with parakeet droppings. It looks easily horrible plus it does not come off with soap plus water. My boss gets frustrated if the van looks terrible, so I usually end up washing the truck at least three or 4 times every week. I easily love saving money on gas plus I am cheerful that I get to take my labor truck home, and still, I wish the parakeets would find somewhere else to use the bathroom. It’s a sizable apartment community. Surely they can find somewhere else to roost for the night.