The last job of the day goes quickly

I was dreading the last job of the day on Friday, because it was an AC installation.

Those jobs can take five or six hours and I didn’t know what to expect.

That job was scheduled to start at 12, but I didn’t arrive until almost 2. I got stuck working on an air filtration problem at the aquatic Center and it took most of the morning to complete the repair. I expected to spend all afternoon and most of the evening working on the AC installation job. I was extremely happy to find out that I was only installing a small window AC unit. I didn’t have any information on the job and I assumed it was a full central AC installation. I should have read more information about the job, because I would not have spent all day feeling stressed out. It only took me an hour to install the window AC unit and it was easy. The customer had the window prepared and empty and all I had to do was place a few screws in the wall. I thought I wouldn’t get home until 9 at night, but I was already in my car by 5. It’s rare to get home early on a Friday night, so I decided to use the opportunity to have dinner with my folks. They live 20 miles away from my house, but it’s on the way home. I rarely stop due to traffic, but I decided to make a surprise visit when I finished early for the day. They were so happy to see me.


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