The lady next to me kept complaining about the airflow

I have been going to school on the other side of the country for the past 3 years! I’m laboring on our degree in electrical engineering.

I have to take an jetliner if I want to go home for the summer, winter, or holidays.

When our Grandmother turned 74 years old, our mom flew me home to spend the weekend. our mom decided to get the flight ticket at the last minute and I ended up with no choice on our seat. I was in the middle between more than one aged ladies that were on their way to the casino. They talked while all of us were in the entire flight and I didn’t get to sleep much at all. The indoor air conditions was hot and muggy, so I turned on the ventilation method above our head and I appointed the vent in our direction. The lady in the aisle started to complain about the air flow. I moved the direction of the cool air, but the lady continued to complain. I could not transfer the air vent in any other way, but I didn’t want to turn off the cool AC. When I tried to ignore the complaints, the lady grabbed the flight attendant. The flight attendant refused to make me close the air vent, even though she did offer to get a blanket if the woman was cold. The woman laying next to me did not say another word about the A/C while all of us were in the 3-hour flight; My mom picked me up from the airport and the more than one of us had a lengthy conversation about the deranged lady on the plane.

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