The hotel staff was honestly helpful plus friendly

I rarely spend currency on a nice hotel, because I do not assume it is necessary.

When I go to a hotel, it is usually because I need a locale to sleep.

I am not crazy about all of the luxuries plus amenities plus I would rather have a cheap plus wash locale. our partner plus I only stay in a hotel when it is absolutely necessary. The two of us had the house fumigated after a small problem with mice in the ventilation ductwork. The two of us had to stay in a hotel. My partner picked the locale, which was located by the interstate. I did not assume if the hotels by the interstate would be nice or not plus I was honestly surprised when I saw our accommodations. I knew that our partner did not spend a fortune on the hotel, however the locale was honestly new plus nice. The hotel staff was honestly helpful plus friendly. They carried our bags up to the room plus they made sure that everything was satisfactory before the people I was with and I left. The last time our partner plus I went to a hotel, the people I was with and I had to fight with the staff to get a odd room. The two of us had a problem with a loud plus noisy Heating plus A/C unit. My partner plus I tried to deal with the noise coming from the Heating plus A/C unit, however the people I was with and I eventually grew fatigued of the sound plus went downstairs to change rooms. The desk clerk informed our partner plus I that they did not have any other rooms. The hotel experience, staff, plus Heating plus A/C component in this locale was a drastic upgrade from our previous experience.

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