The curse of no cooling

Some kids are absolutely pampered, and have no idea what it is like to stay in the hot sun all day, sweating to death and then go inside and sit by a fan to cool down.

I have heard of some kids having their A/C unit in their room, and never having to worry about HVAC or yard work or anything like that. When I was younger, I was never that lucky. First off, it would always be my grandmother and I, out in the summer sun, pulling out weeds in her never ending yard. I remember sweating to death, just wanting to kill all of those weeds and go back inside. I also remember thinking that this was a rather pointless task. I still remember the frustration when I would reach a difficult weed that I could not pull up from the ground, as much as my sweaty hands tried. Then we would go inside, and since my grandmother didn’t believe in running the air conditioning unit all of the time, I would be sitting next to a big box fan for most of the day. Man, the few times she turned on the A/C was pure bliss. The HVAC unit was like magic to me, and was the answer to all of my overheated needs. I would practically hug the air conditioning vent all day to stay cool. I was experiencing this almost everyday of summertime, and even once summer with grandma was over, then it would be school and gym, and more sweating. It was awful. Nowadays, all of these kids don’t have to ever worry about that, they are all so pampered living in the A/C controlled environments.

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