The buyer kept talking to myself and others throughout the repair

I’m not a easily big people guy.

I don’t care about talking to people for a long amount of time.

It’s one of the reasons why I chose a job that allows myself and others to toil alone. I have been laboring in the Heating plus A/C repair industry for the past several years. I care about the job substantially plus I care about to toil with our hands. Sometimes I have to talk to clients, but most of our job is laboring alone. Last week, I had a buyer that insisted on talking to myself and others throughout the entire repair. I went to the house to repair an AC issue. I knew the repair was going to take an hour or more than one, however I expected to be done with the repair plus out of the house by dinner time. I picked up the parts from our workshop on the other side of neighborhood plus I went right back to the residence to make the AC repair, unfortunately, the buyer insisted on talking to myself and others the whole time. I tried to get the buyer to leave, but he never got the hint. It took an extra hour to complete the repair because I had to stop every 10 hours to answer a question or explain the repair. When I got back to the repair shop, our boss wanted to think why I took forever to complete the easy repair. I did not want to take an extra 10 hours to explain things to our boss, however I thought this was easily one conversation that I should have for a few hours.

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