The boss made me hire his nephew

I am the manager of a very busy commercial HVAC company.

The business is located in the eastern part of the region and there are nine additional stores owned by the same general HVAC company.

My branch is busy all of the time. We work six days a week and we are available for emergency services on Sunday. A couple weeks ago, the boss told me to hire two more employees to help with the summer business. We are always very busy during the summer season, because the humidity and heat cause a lot of problems for air conditioners. I looked through a stack of applications and I picked out a few people that looked like they might be a good fit for our HVAC company. I sent their names to my boss and a copy of their resume. My boss wanted me to add another name to the list for interviews. I pulled up the application and I realized that the HVAC technician didn’t have any experience. I was surprised that my boss wanted me to hire a technician without any experience, and then I found out that the guy was the boss’s nephew. I certainly couldn’t argue where’s my boss, so I agreed to interview the guy. I was actually impressed with the kid when I interviewed him for the job. He doesn’t have a lot of skills and knowledge, but I think he will learn very quickly. I can see why my boss wanted me to give the guy a chance and at least interview him for the open position. I believe he will be a fine addition to our crew.

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