The basement smell

Like most people, I loved to hide away in the basement once in a while.

  • I had turned it into some cave dwelling creature for a while.

Now, it is no longer fun to stay down there. There is constantly a strange smell that I am yet to figure out. The weird odor constantly seems to come and go. It smells as though there is something icky somewhere, yet all my efforts reveal nothing; Everywhere appears to be moisture free, however the air is not fresh… After a few weeks, I noted that bacteria was growing all over the walls and ceiling. That is when it hit myself that the situation with my basement’s heat and cooling wetness was off. Either my heating system was not doing its work well, or I needed a fast assessment by my Heating and Air Conditioning dealer! Not wanting the situation to get worse, I called my a/c expert to have a look. Three mornings later, and after a good check, it was clear that my Heating and Air Conditioning component was not performing right. Usually, the component would release all the excess humidity in the space. The Heating and Air Conditioning component was not dehumidifying as it needed to. Most of the condensed moisture was not leaving as it should. The dealer told me to get a new dehumidifier for the basement. After all, this is not one of its primary functions; With this new info, I will be searching for a new dehumidifier for my man cave. The amount of peace I get just being down there enjoying a motion picture or a sporting event is worth this investment.



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