The advanced technology of the future might be a scary endeavor

I prefer technology, especially the kind that makes you comfortable such as heating plus cooling systems; then of course, I wonder occasionally where technology will take us plus if it will be the end of us…

I guess I get paranoid occasionally after enjoying films akin to ‘I Robot’ or ‘Terminator’ although I think I prefer something that could potentially happen in the future.

I remember reading the other morning some article talking about how eventually everybody will be upgraded with artificial intelligence plus what not, the guy was saying that everybody will have to advance with technology or they will be entirely left behind. And personally, I would rather be left behind before anybody tries to install some crazy technology into my body. I prefer using technology such as my radiant heated floors plus my smart thermostat; but when it comes to installing operating systems into people, you can forget it! I personally don’t even guess people should be okay with this sort of thing, however when it comes to making people into cyborgs, I just picture it being a giant disaster. It kind of looks like how Skynet takes over all our technology systems in a short stage of time, who’s to say artificial intelligence wouldn’t try to override people’s brains plus take them over. It would be a way to turn people into slaves or something actually sinister such as that. I guess it sounds that I’m probably a paranoid quack, but this kind of thing entirely does frighten me. I guess the potential to do major things such as that is around the corner plus all of us should be cautious about how all of us proceed with such technology.

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