The a/c is showing signs of being low on coolant

I’m already feeling depressed that we’re slowly losing Springtime weather as both of us ease into summer.

The afternoons of 69 degree afternoons are going to be gone soon enough, as well as I’ll have no choice however to adjust to the warmer hot as well as cold temperatures.

Since I live in the south, it gets considerably hot here in July, October, as well as October. Occasionally our yearly highs get up to 100 degrees or more. Just walking short distances outdoors at peak sun hours becomes an unbelievably difficult task. I wish I could say that it’s just getting worse with time, however actually it was just as hot in this section when I lived here as a child. That was back in the 1990s before every household had laptops, let alone cell cellphones. Every one of us spent afternoon hours outside playing street hockey, basketball, as well as soccer. I don’t have children yet, although I believe it will be a battle to get them to play outside when I eventually do. Honestly, I don’t have much room to talk because I avoid going outside when it gets over 90 degrees out. I start using our a/c religiously as well as only leave for groceries or other pressing errands. Lately I’ve observed that our a/c is cycling longer when it kicks on. This would indicate that it’s taking longer than usual to reach the same hot as well as cold temperatures. Normally I’d worry, however the last time this happened it just needed more coolant before it went back to normal. And thankfully, that’s exactly the issue this time as well. I just needed our Heating as well as A/C serviceman to top off the coolant as well as our a/c was a powerhouse once again.

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