Temperature swings cause buildings to overheat

It was frosty plus windy last night when I went to bed.

It has been frosty for several days now however it only got windy last night.

I have to say, with the wind, the frosty went right through our close. It felt care about the frosty went right into our bones. That is why I left the gas furnace turned up high when I went to bed last night. This afternoon I woke up because I was very hot. I turned the gas furnace down however it didn’t cool down in the house, and finally, I headed out the door so I could go to work. That is when I discovered that it was very boiling outside. It was well over 79 degrees at 6am. I couldn’t believe it, then no wonder it was so boiling in the house. I dashed back inside plus turned the air conditioner on so it would be nice when I got apartment from the office. Well our job seemed to be unprepared for the unseasonably boiling weather as well. It was sweltering boiling in the building. It didn’t help that I was dressed for frosty weather. I had on a jacket, heavy slacks, plus our boiling socks. I couldn’t detach the jacket because I wasn’t wearing anything besides a bra under it. The temperature control at work is controlled off locale so both of us never did get the furnace turned off. I was very grateful when I finally got apartment to our air conditioned house. I was finally able to frosty down. However, I just looked at the weather report plus it is supposed to be a high of 45 degrees tomorrow. I can’t keep up with this. I wish the weather would just stick to boiling or frosty plus be done with it.


a/c worker