Staying sizzling in the cold

I can’t wait to move out of this site, however my whole life I have been a northerner plus the cold that comes with it here has just been a way of life for myself and others for as long as I can remember.

My parents enjoyed the cold plus the snow plus all that comes with it, but not me, I would entirely much rather do without it.

This is why I’m planning to move someplace much warmer as soon as possible. I have a bestie that lives down south that is a sizzling plus sunny weather lover like myself. The only real sunny weather I ever got the experience was the summers. I have also heard that down in the south the heating plus units are combined into one system so they don’t even have to worry about having a oil furnace, unlike for myself and others up here. I have been stuck with a crappy oil oil furnace that breaks all the time plus costs myself and others way too much in Heating plus A/C repair bills. I have been dreaming of someplace sizzling plus tropical since I was a child plus now that dream is about to become a reality, I already have a job lined up down south, now I am just looking for the right temporary locale to rent down there until I can get myself established, however for the first few weeks my bestie said I could stay with her at her locale until I can find myself an apartment. I have been counting down the nights in anticipation. Sunny nights here I come!

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