Repairing the HVAC rift in the office

This has actually been a long time coming.

It simply hadn’t occurred to me the need to address this sooner.

The office that I manage is sort of at war a bit over the HVAC setting. I guess I didn’t see this coming given that we’re talking about small differences in HVAC comfort. But, when you have a group of people who spend this much time together, the little things are the problem. I should have know this. It just goes to show that there can be such a “me first” default setting with most people. That is for sure disappointing but true nonetheless. I’m as disappointed with those I oversee as I am with myself for not remedying the situation sooner. The main problem is the fact that we all work on one floor of an office building. Aside from 2 walled offices and 2 conference rooms, the rest of the space is open. This works fine as far as the work is concerned. However, all this space is governed my only one HVAC thermostat. That means that the setting has to be such that it suits the mean HVAC comfort. I figured that if the average person was okay with the HVAC setting, I could deal with those on the fringes. What I didn’t count on was those diehards recruiting people to their side. But, I shouldn’t be surprised at all by the nuances of human behavior. So, I am bringing in the HVAC people to tweak the existing HVAC system. Once we return from the weekend, we will have zone control HVAC with 5 separate zones and I will put to rest this stupid HVAC setting war.