Remodelling was the worst job in the world.

When my husband and I bought the new house, we knew there were going to be some changes that needed to be made. I guess we never really thought about what we were going to find when we started tearing walls out and ripping down the ceilings. We were already planning on putting in a new HVAC system which meant we would need to rip out all of the old ductwork and either replace it or have a ductless HVAC system, Even if we were to install a boiler for the heating and then have radiant heating, we would need to install water pipes to in place of the ductwork. We did a lot of research and bantered back and forth about this situation. I suggested we call an HVAC contractor and ask for their input. My husband is very hands-on and he wanted to be able to make the decision, but I reminded him that with all the construction that could be involved, we should have someone look at the house and give us ideas that would save you money and be less upset in the house. He actually agreed with me and we called the HVAC company and asked about a good HVAC contractor. They gave us the name of two different people to call. When the contractor showed up, he did a thorough inspection of the house. He told us that anything we did was going to be a big upset for the house. The only thing that wouldn’t be, would be the ductless HVAC. There were just a few holes that would be hidden by the unit. He said we wouldn’t need to remove the ductwork, which means we wouldn’t have to rip out walls or ceiling.


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