Really interesting HVAC commercial

Commercials bore me. I’m pretty sure that’s one thing everyone can agree on. While everyone gets into disagreements on politics and religion, I have yet to hear one person say “No, I love watching commercials!” That just doesn’t happen. When I think of commercials, they remind me of flies. They don’t go away. I see them all of the time now, on TV, online videos and I don’t even have to be watching videos to have ads stalking me the entire time. I hate it, it used to not be this way. I remember there was a time where I could watch videos online without being bombarded by 3 different desperate ads popping up in my face. Anyways, since I don’t see the commercials or the ads going away anytime soon, the least they could do is make them mildly entertaining. Most commercials try to come off as funny, but instead they really just come off as awkward and cringy. On the bright side, I did see one slightly humorous air conditioning filter commercial today. It showed a cat knocking stuff off of someone’s counter, as cats will do, and it showed the person getting frustrated at their cats. Then showed cat hair being everywhere, including the air, and the person being frustrated at that too. Then it showed the sweeter moments of the kitty cuddling the owner, and the owner being happy. Apparently it was an ad for A/C filters, and removing pet hair with them. I actually have the same brand of HVAC filters, and I buy them at a nearby HVAC store, so good for them for making decent commercials. As a cat owner, I can definitely relate to the frustrations, so I can stand those commercials, but all of the other commercials? Fast forward please.

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