The guy can't leave the temperature alone

My best friend got into an argument with his girlfriend and he begged me to let him move into my spare bedroom.

I wasn’t very interested in having a roommate, but I certainly couldn’t tell my friend no when he was looking at me with those sad eyes.

I let the guy move into the bedroom a couple of weeks ago and now he has moved in completely. He gave me a couple of hundred dollars to help with rent, so I don’t have a lot of complaints about the bills. The one thing that I would like to complain about is the fact that this guy can’t leave the temperature alone. I prefer to keep the thermostat set at 72 degrees. I find this to be a very comfortable temperature and it is never too warm or too cool. My best friend does not think that 72° is a comfortable temperature and the guy is constantly adjusting the thermostat. Last Saturday we got into a huge argument because I woke up and the thermostat was set at 67 degrees. I told my friend that the air conditioner can’t handle those low temperatures. I tried to explain that the AC unit can freeze up and stop working, but I think he thought I was joking. I can promise that if he breaks the AC unit, he is going to pay for 100% of the repair bill. I have tried to be nice, but I’m not going to deal with huge bills and disrespect from my friend. The guy should be thankful he has a place to rest his tired head.



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We had to replace most of the components, so we did it all

A major storm wreaked havoc on our neighborhood.

My neighbors and I received 12 in of rain over a three-day period.

The banks of the river rose overnight and half of the streets in our town were flooded. People were using their canoe in the street to travel from one place to another. It was absolutely crazy and surreal and it was probably one of the most dangerous storms that we have ever seen in this area. After the storm was over, my wife and I assessed all of the damage to our home and our yard. We had debris all over the place and most of the living room was destroyed when a tree fell in the yard. The tree took out the living room wall, television, all of our pictures, and the HVAC unit. My wife and I were totally stressed out and depressed, but our insurance company came to the rescue and helped us get through the process quickly and easily. The insurance company covered all of the damages to the house and our HVAC unit. A couple of neighbors had damage as well, but we were the only house with a tree in our living room. By the time we were finished with all of the storm damage, we replaced all of the HVAC unit and 90% of the living room. I hope we don’t see another storm like that in my lifetime. It was absolutely one of the scariest and most horrifying experiences of my life. I can’t imagine how people live in tropical locations with storms every week.

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Dan had to cancel our weekend date because of work

Dan and I were supposed to go out of town for a romantic weekend getaway.

We have been dating for six months and both of us were ready to get out of town for one night away.

Dan planned a romantic weekend away from his apartment and his three roommates. He got a room for us at a fancy hotel by the river. Unfortunately, Dan had to cancel our romantic weekend date because he was forced to work on an emergency boiler repair. Dan is one of a handful of guys at his job that can handle boiler repairs and Welding issues. Dan makes excellent money at his job because he is certified to weld and work on boiler repairs. Sometimes that means that Dan is the only guy that can complete a job. Two days before our romantic weekend getaway, a business downtown called the heating and air conditioning service company where Dan works. They had some trouble with a boiler and they needed someone immediately. Dan went to service the boiler and he found out that the equipment needed to be replaced. Dan had to wait for the new boiler to arrive two days later, before he could install the new parts. The company did not want to wait until Dan came back from a weekend away, because they had to pay for a boiler rental the whole time that the main boiler was out of commission. Dan didn’t want to cancel our weekend, but he really didn’t have any choice. Thank goodness he made it up to me the following Saturday and Sunday.

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The hotel staff was very helpful and friendly

I rarely spend money on a nice hotel, because I don’t think it is necessary.

When I go to a hotel, it is usually because I need a place to sleep.

I’m not crazy about all of the luxuries and amenities and I would rather have a cheap and clean place. my wife and I only stay in a hotel when it is absolutely necessary. We had the house fumigated after a small problem with mice in the ventilation ductwork. We had to stay in a hotel. My wife picked the place, which was located by the interstate. I didn’t know if the hotels by the interstate would be nice or not and I was very surprised when I saw our accommodations. I knew that my wife did not spend a fortune on the hotel, but the place was very new and nice. The hotel staff was very helpful and friendly. They carried our bags up to the room and they made sure that everything was satisfactory before we left. The last time my wife and I went to a hotel, we had to fight with the staff to get a different room. We had a problem with a loud and noisy HVAC unit. My wife and I tried to deal with the noise coming from the HVAC unit, but we eventually grew tired of the sound and went downstairs to change rooms. The desk clerk informed my wife and I that they did not have any other rooms. The hotel experience, staff, and HVAC unit in this place was a serious upgrade from our previous experience.
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The ductless HVAC unit installation took longer than I expected

One of the last things that my wife and I had completed when we were remodeling our garage was the installation of a ductless HVAC unit.

My wife and I knew it was important to heat and cool the space.

My wife and I spoke with the contractor at great lengths and the three of us agreed that the best way to heat and cool the space was installing a ductless mini-split HVAC unit. My wife and I scheduled the installation on a Saturday, because both of us believed we would be off work that day. We never have work or meetings scheduled for the weekend, because those are the two days when we go to our house in the country. Unfortunately, we had an emergency arise and both of us had to be somewhere at 3 in the afternoon. We were hopeful that the workers would finish hours before the meeting started, but the day dragged on. The mini split ductless HVAC unit installation started at 9 a.m. I certainly thought they would be finished with the job before lunch time. I didn’t realize that the job was complicated. I honestly thought it would be the same as installing a window AC unit. I was surprised when the ductless HVAC unit installation took longer than I expected. My wife and I thought we were going to be late to our afternoon meeting, but we made it just in time. The technicians working on the installation didn’t finish until 2:15 and my wife and I barely managed to get to the meeting before our investor arrived.


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I knew the furnace was going to run out of fuel

My wife and I live in a house where there are two separate heating sources.

During the winter months, we use the gas furnace and the fireplace.

My wife and I love the smell of wood burning in the fireplace, but it doesn’t provide enough heat on its own to make the entire house warm. My wife and I bought our home with the gas furnace already installed. When we decided to update the heating system, we continued using a gas powered furnace. My wife and I have been using a gas powered furnace for a total of 12 years. We always have to fill the furnace 3 times during winter. if we don’t fill the tank the third time, we always run out of fuel before the end of the season. My wife tried to argue with me this year when we still had six weeks left of winter and 1/4 tank of fuel remaining. I told my wife that we had to fill the tank and she told me that one quarter tank of fuel would be plenty of gas to finish the cold season. We argued for an hour and I said she was being cheap. We decided not to fill the furnace and I ended up benign right. We ran out of fuel on a weekend when the temperatures were particularly cold. I tried not to tell my wife that I was right, but it was very hard to resist. I knew we were going to need more gas for the furnace and my wife should have let me spend the money.


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My wife wants heating and A/C in the barn

She says that it makes her feel guilty because she knows that the horses are out there in the cold during the winter

My wife thinks of her horses as her children and honestly, I think that she probably loves them more than she loves me! She has been a horse person all of her life. It all started back when she was a little girl and she used to have a pony and a little cart that she would drive around in the big backyard on her property when she still lived with her mom and dad. Now, we live on a big ranch and so she thinks that she can have all of the horses that she wants now! I guess it’s kind of true, too, because this is a woman who always gets what she wants. I guess that’s why I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I’m going to end up with a heating and cooling system out in the horse barn before too long. She has somehow gotten it in her mind that her precious horses are going to be way too cold this winter when the weather starts cooling off and so she wants to put a high efficiency heating and cooling system out there. I asked her what in the world she wanted to do that for, and she said that the horses are part of the family and she feels bad using our HVAC system every time she turns the thermostat up or down in the house. She says that it makes her feel guilty because she knows that the horses are out there in the cold during the winter. I keep trying to get her to see reason, but like I said, she always ends up getting what she wants. I know that in the next few weeks, we are going to end up with a heated and air conditioned horse barn!
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I had the worst week this past week

I mean, the furnace made a funny little clicking sound that I could hear coming from the basement, but no heat ever started coming out of the air vents upstairs

This past week was just the worst for me. It seems like everything that could go wrong for me did go wrong and it was so annoying! I’m sure you have probably had a week like that now and then. It was like I was in a perpetual state of annoyance for the whole week. I overslept, my car ran out of gas, my washing machine broke down and leaked all over my floor, and I spilled coffee all over my car. On top of that, I was late for work, I stubbed my toe on the end of my bed, and I got a cold. To make matters worse, at the end of the week, the weather started cooling off a lot. The snow started and the temperatures dropped drastically. Of course, in keeping with the rest of my week, that’s the same time that my heating system stopped working in my house! It was so cold outside, and I noticed that when I turned the heating up on the thermostat, nothing happened. I mean, the furnace made a funny little clicking sound that I could hear coming from the basement, but no heat ever started coming out of the air vents upstairs. It was just too cold to wait around and see if I could figure out how to fix it myself, and so I called up my local HVAC company to see how much it would cost for them to send a technician out to see what the problem was. Of course, it was going to cost me a small fortune to get the furnace fixed, and at that point, I wasn’t even surprised. My week was awful right up to the very end.


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Working from home is no fun when your heater is broken

I learned this past month that working from home is no fun at all when it’s cold outside and your heater is broken inside! I usually like to work from home since I can just sit around in my PJ’s all day while I’m on the phone and working on my laptop.

Sometimes, it’s annoying, though.

I mean, when you’re working from an office, you don’t ever have to worry about paying the heating and coolings bills or making sure that the indoor air quality is up to speed or anything like that. The building management people are the ones who have to worry about those things when you’re in an office building. But when you are working from home, it’s all on you. You have to be the one to make sure that your HVAC system is up to speed and doing what it’s supposed to all the time, and for me, that’s especially true in the winter. Around here, the weather starts cooling off in November and then it’s freezing cold all the way through March. Since the temperatures are well below freezing most of that time, you really have to have a high quality furnace unit if you want to stay toasty and warm throughout the cold winter. Last week, my furnace stopped working all of a sudden and it did not take long for my house to get uncomfortably cold. And unfortunately, I didn’t have a building maintenance guy to call for help. I had to make my own appointment with the HVAC company and even worse than that, I had to pay for the heating repairs myself.
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I guess I shouldn’t have tried to fix the switch in the heater myself after all

I always try to save money on things whenever it’s possible.

  • I guess most people are like that, but I’m pretty thrifty for the most part.

A couple of months ago when the weather was cooling down, I noticed that there was something wrong with my furnace. It just wasn’t heating the house the way that it should have been doing. I did some detective work on it and figured out what the problem was, which was just a switch that wasn’t working correctly. I happened to have the correct kind of switch at my house. I’m always ending up with random parts for different things at my house because my dad is a general contractor and he brings me boxes of things from previous jobs to store in my garage. Once in a while, I find something that I can use, like this switch for my furnace. Anyway, I decided that since it was an easy fix and I knew how to do it myself, I would go ahead and fix it. After all, it was cold outside and the temperatures were supposed to get to below freezing overnight. I didn’t want to have to make an appointment with the HVAC company for something as simple as changing out this switch in the furnace. I did the repair and everything was fine for a couple of months. Then something else went wrong with the furnace and I actually did have to make an appointment this time. That’s when I found out that I had inadvertently voided the warranty on my electric furnace by changing out the switch myself!

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