I learned quickly that living on your own is not easy

When I moved on my own for the first time, I actually thought everything was going to be stress free and easy.

I was only thinking about the freedom to do whatever I wished without the constant scrutiny of my parents.

Well, I didn’t realize there was so much to think about. When I thought I could crank the air conditioning all the time, I learned quickly that it would cost me a large amount on my electric bill. I also learned that to keep the energy bills lower, I have to take good care of the HVAC by regularly changing the air filters and scheduling for regular HVAC system maintenance. I came to learn that when you don’t do those things, you end up paying for it in a more costly way. You might have your HVAC system break down at the worst time or you will be paying the ultimate cost with overpriced energy bills. The main thing that I learned is that it’s basically impossible to live a stress free life because there’s always going to be something that comes up that you must take care of. I suppose your attitude has a lot to do with how happy or miserable you are in life, but it also is about making the right choices in your life. Believe me, you want to make right choices, especially when it comes to keeping up with things around the house. For anybody who was similar to me thinking everything was going to be a bed of roses, I hope you can learn from my mistakes and make sure you don’t neglect your HVAC system in any way.


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Uber was stuck on HOT

Eventually, I started stripping off layers of clothes in the back of the vehicle to deal with the lack of AC

Crowd sharing rides are challenging for me to deal with because of my social anxiety. However, I never realized that the indoor air temperature settings could be a much bigger trigger than even my social fears. I guess getting locked inside a car with horrible onboard heating, cooling, and air quality control was what I needed to develop a new phobia – uncomfortable car rides. You see, the problem all started when I was leaving the house last week in the middle of a particularly terrible hot spell. The summer air had been extremely hot and humid for the past several months already, but now it was taking a turn for the worse. Suddenly the outdoor air was so overwhelmingly uncomfortable that I changed outfits several times to deal with the outdoor climate. I knew that the indoor air at my final destination was going to be nothing like the outdoor air temperature that had to be traversed. This is when I managed to put on several layers of clothing to offset the cold air quality of the venue and jumped straight into my Uber without another thought. Unfortunately, when I got into the vehicle I noticed that the heating, cooling, and ventilation settings were not up to my preferences. In fact, it felt like the driver was blasting more heat into the vehicle, rather than high quality air conditioning to neutralize the heat outdoors. For the entire ride, the indoor air was stifling. I tried to roll down a window, but the humidity made the car feel even worse. Eventually, I started stripping off layers of clothes in the back of the vehicle to deal with the lack of AC. By the time I reached my destination, I was practically naked, sweaty, and filled with terror every time I thought about HVAC in my taxi for the foreseeable future.
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Can’t concentrate with loud equipment

My biggest problem is my indoor air handling system as it relates to my productivity.

You might not think that indoor air quality has much to do with work output, but I can tell you that my air temperature plays a major role in my daily life.

Not only is it incredibly distracting to have hot and cold patches fluctuating throughout the house with unreliable air conditioning units and forced air furnaces dictating the degree of indoor discomfort, but the problem goes much deeper. My ancient heating, cooling, and air quality control system is so disturbing that I’m almost at my wit’s end when it comes to performing my daily duties at work. The trouble all started a few months ago when I noticed that my indoor air handling devices stopped operating at their same level of power and efficiency. In fact, it felt like my air conditioner was barely producing any cold air. Meanwhile, my furnace barely managed to churn out a steady stream of warmth. I was trying to mess with my thermostat day in and day out, but I could never make enough changes to offset the unmanaged indoor air temperature throughout my home. It honestly seemed like my heating, cooling, and air quality control system got worse with time and attention. No matter where I tried to do my daily tasks, I couldn’t escape the air quality issues or the preoccupation with listening to my failing heating, cooling, and ventilation system in the background. I feared insanity by way of heating and cooling plan any day. And then… I finally called the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership to ask for some help with my continued HVAC nightmare. Within an hour, all of my heating and cooling noise complaints were resolved and I was finally able to complete my tasks for work.


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Daughter wanted to go into HVAC – great!

I was worried about my kids when they graduated high school.

  • I mean, what kind of career are they going to choose in today’s difficult world? When my daughter came to us and revealed her plan to attend the local trade school, we were shocked.

When she mentioned indoor air handling devices and HVAC repair services, we honestly had no idea what to say. She wanted to work with heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment for the rest of her life? When did this interest in indoor air handling machinery ever start? I never once saw her hanging around the thermostat, air conditioner, or furnace in her young life. But here she was, signing up for the local heating, cooling, and air quality control installation, diagnostic, and repair courses to become a certified heating and cooling worker in only 18 months flat. I didn’t think it was a bad idea, because everyone needs professional heating and cooling system help. Her heating, cooling, and air quality control license would always be lucrative. But was HVAC the right choice for her? When she attended her first heating and cooling system repair class, we expected to hear a lot of negative reporting about the HVAC equipment, the other heating and cooling students, and the professor of the air quality control system course. We were pretty shocked when those complaints never came. In fact, we saw my daughter working on our own heating and cooling system every day after her class ended. I never thought that she would stick with the heating, cooling, and air quality control classes… but she proved us all wrong.


Counting down the days to a new HVAC system

I couldn’t be more excited right now for a pretty basic change to take place in my life. I know, I’m probably pathetic for being so stoked to see a work truck pull into my driveway, but I can’t stop staring. Soon, that HVAC truck will arrive and I cannot wait. See, I don’t think comfortable indoor air is too much to ask for in this lifetime. A simple working heating, cooling, and air quality control plan is all that I’m looking for. I want to be able to adjust the thermostat program and rely on my AC unit and heating system to rapidly respond to my indoor air quality changes. I hate feeling the hot and cold patches all around my house and knowing that my indoor air handling equipment is slowly failing on me. It makes life so uncomfortable to have fluctuating temperatures that never reach the intended heating, cooling, and air quality control settings programmed on the thermostat. I know that my daily happiness as well as my overall health has been negatively affected by the heating, cooling, and ventilation issues. These indoor air temperature and air quality concerns have been on my mind so much that I’ve struggled to sleep at night… plus, there’s horrible indoor air temperature exasperating that problem. Honestly, calling my heating and cooling technician was a long time coming. I’m so excited to be getting a brand new central heating, cooling, and air quality control system installed in my family home in the next few hours. Finally, I’ll be able to breathe easily – not to mention get a little shut eye – with my improved indoor air quality control equipment and comfortable living space.

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I was really mad about the coupon rules and regulations

A few days ago, my wife and I received a flyer and coupon in the mail. The advertisement was from a local heating and air conditioner repair service. They are new to this area. The coupon on the flyer stated we would receive 20% off any service or new appliance. My wife and I have been talking about updating the heating and air conditioning equipment in our garage for several years. We currently have a window air conditioner that also has heat. We used the window air conditioner a few times throughout the summer, but ever since my wife and I have retired, we have spent more and more time in the garage. The two of us have discussed getting rid of the old window unit and replacing it with a ductless mini-split machine. I called the heating and air conditioner repair service and I discussed the deal with a person on the phone. As soon as I mentioned a ductless mini-split heating and air conditioning machine, the person on the phone was completely uninterested in finishing our conversation. He told me that the special doesn’t cover specialty air machines. I tried to find out what equipment is covered in the 20% off sale, but the guy cut me off and hung up the phone. I was really dumbfounded by the rude and horrible treatment that I received. I don’t know how those people expect to do business in this town by treating people poorly. There are too many HVAC repair and installation services in this area with excellent prices and customer service skills.


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The morning of my wedding was a terrible time for AC issues

I was nervous for a week before my wedding.

I was worried about the venue and the catering and I was concerned that we would not have enough food for all of the people.

My fiance told me that I should stop feeling anxious, but it wasn’t exactly easy. After all, a million problems can happen to totally ruin the day. When I woke up and I realized that the AC wasn’t blowing cold air, I went crazy and lost my mind. I called my fiance. He was at a hotel with a couple of his friends. We didn’t plan to see each other until later that afternoon at the church. I told my fiance that the AC wasn’t blowing cold air. I couldn’t get ready at the house if the air conditioner wasn’t working. My fiance decided to leave the hotel at once. He drove right to the house. I know that it is bad luck to see your fiance on the day of the wedding, but we were already starting our day with AC problems. I called a couple of places that repair AC units. No one had an appointment first thing that morning, but I had a lot of companies offer to complete the work later that afternoon. Of course, that was no help at all. Luckily, my quick thinking fiance saved the day. He rented the honeymoon suite at the hotel where he was staying with his friends and we got ready together at the hotel. My mom and Dad took care of the AC problem while we were on our honeymoon.


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I like charcoal filters for the dogs

My wife and I have a rescue for pitbulls.

We currently have 12 pitbulls in our home.

Six of those dogs are ours and six are foster dogs that will find permanent homes. One time we had seventeen dogs in our house at one time. That was a really busy and cluttered time. We try not to overwhelm ourselves with that many pooches at once anymore. When we had that many animals in the house, the smell of dogs was terrible. It was the middle of spring too, and it was raining five days a week. The dogs still have to pee when it rains, so then we end up with the smell of wet dogs in the house too. The smell was really bad last April, so I went to the pet store and I talked to the manager about helping the indoor air smells. She told me to buy charcoal air filters for the HVAC unit. That was a great idea that I never considered. The pet store didn’t have any charcoal air filters, but she told me the location of a hardware store closeby. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the huge price tag for these special air filters, so I decided to buy one to see if they really helped. I honestly didn’t think they would make a big difference, but the new air filters are superior in every way. Not only do they trap and collect more dust and dog hair, but the charcoal does eliminate a lot of the smells in our home. I am a firm believer in this product after seeing and smelling results.


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The lady next to me kept complaining about the airflow

I have been going to school on the other side of the country for the past three years.

I’m working on my degree in electrical engineering.

I have to take an airplane if I want to go home for the summer, winter, or holidays. When my grandmother turned 70 years old, my mom flew me home to spend the weekend. my mom decided to get the flight ticket at the last minute and I ended up with no choice on my seat. I was in the middle between two old ladies that were on their way to the casino. They talked during the entire flight and I didn’t get to sleep much at all. The indoor air quality was warm and muggy, so I turned on the ventilation system above my head and I appointed the vent in my direction. The lady in the aisle started to complain about the air flow. I moved the direction of the cool air, but the lady continued to complain. I could not move the air vent in any other way, but I didn’t want to turn off the cool AC. When I tried to ignore the complaints, the lady grabbed the flight attendant. The flight attendant refused to make me close the air vent, but she did offer to get a blanket if the woman was cold. The woman sitting next to me did not say another word about the AC during the three-hour flight. My mom picked me up from the airport and the two of us had a lengthy conversation about the crazy lady on the plane.

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The birds leave droppings all over my van at night

I decided to start working for a new heating and air conditioning repair service, because the owner of the company lets us take our work truck home at night.

My girlfriend and I were thinking about buying a second car, but we really didn’t have the money.

When this job opportunity opened up with the heating and air conditioning repair service, it seemed like fate. the owner of the heating and air conditioning repair services company even pays for all of the gas and maintenance for the truck. My co-workers and I are responsible for keeping the truck presentable. The truck has to be clean and free of trash at all times. The exterior has to be washed every weekend. Unfortunately, I have to wash my truck more frequently. I live in an apartment community with a lot of birds. There are birds all over the place. The birds leave droppings all over my truck at night. When I wake up in the morning, sometimes the entire windshield is filled with bird droppings. It looks absolutely horrible and it doesn’t come off with soap and water. My boss gets upset if the van looks terrible, so I usually end up washing the truck at least three or four times every week. I absolutely love saving money on gas and I am happy that I get to take my work truck home. Still, I wish the birds would find somewhere else to use the bathroom. It’s a large apartment community. Surely they can find somewhere else to roost for the night.