Convert and save today

If you really want to save money on how you heat and cool your home have I got a great suggestion for you! You really do not need to have central heating and air conditioning.

We all have been more or less brainwashed over the years that central heating and air conditioning is the only way to heat and cool your whole home properly.

This is not the case! You can buy a few ductless mini split air conditioning systems, then call your local heating and cooling company to have one of their certified heat and a/c specialists out to your home to convert the ductless mini split air conditioning system into a full blown ductless mini split heating and cooling system unit! This will save you a lot of money on energy use. I ended up doing this for my home and in the first year of using ductless mini split heating and air conditioning, I saved a total of five hundred dollars within the year on my electric bills compared to the year before when I was running central heating and air conditioning all the time. There is a major difference in energy use, and this is something that the electric companies and the makers of central heating and air conditioning systems do not want you to know. So I am telling you flat out about it now! Buy a few ductless mini split air conditioning systems and have them converted to also do heating and you will save as soon as tomorrow.

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The price is not right

When I was shopping for a brand new central heating and air conditioning system a few months back I was not too happy with the HVAC sales rep.

They were trying to sell me all these central heating and air conditioning systems at prices that were just way too high for what they were.

The sales rep at this specific heating and air conditioning supplier thought they were pulling a fast one on me. But little did they know that I knew all there was to know about central heating and air conditioning system prices because my brother is in the HVAC business and actually works for one of the heating and air conditioning companies here in town. I told the heating and cooling sales rep where to stick it and that I knew he was trying to rip me off. I then decided that I was just going to buy a brand new central heating and air conditioning system from the HVAC company my brother happens to work for. Why I did not do this at first is beyond me. But we live and we learn. And I will make sure that moving forward I do not go to that heating and cooling supplier again and that I will never buy a single heating and cooling product from them. I would also tell all my friends in the local area about their overpricing and have them prepared for whatever they were going to see in terms of price in that place. Amen to that!

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It’s here to stay

Many years ago when central heating and air conditioning was first coming around and becoming a known thing, some people said that it would not last because of how expensive it was.

When central heating and air conditioning first came around, only businesses and the very rich could afford to even have central heating and cooling.

However, sometime in the 1990’s they jacked the prices of central HVAC units down so that the average working class person could afford them. And this was the turning point in heating and cooling history that ensured that central heating and air conditioning systems were most definitely here to stay forever. Of course of the years with the advancement of heating and cooling technology there has been many developments in central heating and air conditioning that have made the HVAC systems much better and much more powerful. They even have zoned HVAC systems which is alternately known as HVAC zone control. That is where you can have different thermostats in every room in your home and have the temperatures be different all over. This is an expensive type of heating and air conditioning system. However I have faith that some day these too will go down in price and be a common option for the average working class consumer to chose from when they are looking to buy a brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system unit. What does tomorrow hold? Who knows, but all I do know is that central heating and air conditioning is here to stay!

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Helping the poor

My church is really awesome.

I must start by saying that.

They are always holding some kind of fundraiser to help people with something. It could be donations to a good cause or helping poor people. Recently, they launched a whole donation campaign in conjunction with the local heating and air conditioning company to get the poor folks in town brand new central heating and cooling system units. Many either had outdated heating and air conditioning systems or flat out could not afford to have central heating and cooling. So they would be stuck with either portable heat and a/c products or old school heating and cooling equipment. The church invested thousands in getting the most brand new, up to date and pretty darn pricey central heating and air conditioning systems just to give to a good radius of poor people in the area. I helped with some of the donations that made it possible. I could not donate a whole lot of money, but the few hundred bucks I donated to the cause was something. And I can rest easy knowing that all the poor people that are going to be getting these central heating and air conditioning systems will be safe and much healthier. And it was a good feeling that I know that was a part of that in some fashion. If I was rich I would help all the poor become not so poor anymore and get them back on their feet. But sadly, I am not rich and only a few steps above being poor myself. So as the kids say today, it is what it is.

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Having a nice humidifier makes all of the differnce

Having a nice humidifier makes all of the difference.

I used to think that I could go without a humidifier, but I am thoroughly convinced that I should not go without a humidifier.

I have found that if I don’t use a humidifier, I have a lot of trouble with my skin. I have trouble with dry skin and even acne when I don’t use a humidifier. Ever since I started using a humidifier again, I have found that the issues that I was having with my skin has stopped. I have also found that I have not gotten as many illnesses since I started using a humidifier again. I got a cold about every other month before I started using a humidifier in my bedroom. Once I started using a humidifier in my bedroom once again, I stopped getting sick so often, and it was so nice. I love my humidifier, and I don’t think that I will be able to go without my humidifier ever again. I told my mom about my humidifier and just how much it has helped me in so many ways. She decided that she wanted to try out using a humidifier in her room, and I made sure to let her know which humidifier she should get. Not all humidifiers are all the same. I hope that my mom gets a humidifier like the one that I have. It was so worth the extra money to get a nice humidifier. She told me that she is going to go humidifier shopping today, and I hope she finds a great deal.


It took me about a week to convince myself to get a new air conditioner

It was so miserable

It took me about a week to convince myself to get a new air conditioner. I knew that I needed a new air conditioner, but I have trouble spending money. I like to save money and save money without spending it. It sounds like a good thing, but I actually have trouble spending money when I need to as well. It isn’t good because there are times when I really should spend money, but I have a hard time doing it. The air conditioner issue was one of those issues. I thought that I would be able to bring myself to get a new air conditioner easily since I was so miserable because my old air conditioner was not working well. I hoped to get a new air conditioner before my old one completely died. It didn’t happen though. I waited until my old air conditioner completely died to get a new air conditioner. It was bad because it took me awhile to find an air conditioner that I liked. It actually took me a week to convince myself to get a new air conditioner, but then, it took me like three weeks to find the right air conditioner and get it. It was a miserable few weeks to say the least. I was so upset because it was so hot in my house for that month. I hated it. It was so miserable. I regret waiting so long to get a new air conditioner, but I am so glad that I did finally get a new air conditioner for my little home.


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My new air conditioner just stopped working

My new air conditioner just stopped working.

I loved it so much. I paid quite a bit of money for the air conditioner. I have no idea what happened to the air conditioner, but I think that it may have to do with my nephew. I babysat my nephew yesterday, and he is a really naughty child. I think that he may have done something to my brand new air conditioner. I have no idea what he would have done, but he has lit his house on fire before, so I wouldn’t put anything past him. I would like to think that he was not the cause of my air conditioner breaking, but I am pretty sure that he is. The air conditioner was in the bedroom that he stayed in. It worked just fine when I put him to bed, but when I went to get him the next morning, it wasn’t working. The air conditioner was making a rather strange noise, and it wasn’t blowing much air. It was blowing like the air that it was supposed to. I tried messing with the air conditioner and changing the settings on it, but it didn’t do anything. The air conditioner simply did not work right after my nephew stayed in there. I loved that air conditioner, and I don’t know if I have the money to replace it right now. I can’t tell my sister because I don’t know for sure if it was my nephew. I have no way to prove that he ruined my air conditioner.
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I bought two air conditioners

I bought two air conditioners even though I really only needed one.

I am such a pushover when it comes to things like that.

I should have just stood my ground because I live in a studio apartment right now, and I really only need one air conditioner. I feel like it will just be a waste of electricity to use two air conditioners. I have two brand new air conditioners though. I went to the store because I heard from a friend that a certain store was having a sale on air conditioners. I went to that store, and they were having a sale, but it was buy one get one for thirty dollars. I really wanted a nice air conditioner like the ones that they were selling, but I didn’t want two air conditioners. Well, after about an hour of looking and discussing with a very kind salesperson which air conditioner was best for me, I checked out with two air conditioners. I regretted my decision by the time that I got home. Not only do I not need two air conditioners to cool my studio apartment, but I also don’t have anywhere to store the second air conditioner. I literally have every corner and cranny of my apartment all taken up. My little place is so tiny that I have nowhere to put my second air conditioner. I am thinking about donating it to the women’s shelter nearby, but I don’t know if they would take an air conditioner or not. I guess it won’t hurt to try.


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Use the heater if your car is overheating

I didn’t tell her that though

Our daughter was making the 6 hour drive from her house to ours. She makes this drive at least once a year so we weren’t concerned. However, she called about an hour from my house and said that her car was close to overheating. She explained that she had checked the fluids and they were fine but that the temperature gage had been straddling the red line for over an hour now. I told her to turn off the car’s air conditioner and to turn on the heater. That would help remove heat from the engine. But, if the gage went into the red, she needed to pull over and call me. I would come get her. It was a very warm day so I cranked the air conditioner down in our house in preparation for her arrival. Sure enough, our daughter pulled into the driveway about an hour later. She was hot and uncomfortable but her car made it. She was very grateful for the air conditioning in our house. After all, she had just driven an hour with the heater blasting away in her car. We were all relieved that she was here safely. While she napped in the air conditioned house I took a look at her car. It turned out that there was nothing wrong with the cooling system at all. It was just a faulty heat sensor. So she didn’t need to run the heater in the car at all. I didn’t tell her that though. I just fixed it for her. Now she can use her air conditioning when she drives back in a week or two.


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Temperature changes cause buildings to overheat

It was cold and windy last night when I went to bed.

It has been cold for several days now but it only got windy last night.

I have to say, with the wind, the cold went right through my close. It felt like the cold went right into my bones. That is why I left the furnace turned up high when I went to bed last night. This morning I woke up because I was very hot. I turned the furnace down but it didn’t cool down in the house. Finally, I headed out the door so I could go to work. That is when I discovered that it was very hot outside. It was well over 75 degrees at 6am. I couldn’t believe it. No wonder it was so hot in the house. I dashed back inside and turned the air conditioner on so it would be nice when I got home from the office. Well my workplace seemed to be unprepared for the unseasonably warm weather as well. It was sweltering hot in the building. It didn’t help that I was dressed for cold weather. I had on a sweater, heavy slacks, and my warm socks. I couldn’t remove the sweater because I wasn’t wearing anything besides a bra under it. The thermostat at work is controlled off site so we never did get the heater turned off. I was very grateful when I finally got home to my air conditioned house. I was finally able to cold down. However, I just looked at the weather report and it is supposed to be a high of 45 degrees tomorrow. I can’t keep up with this. I wish the weather would just stick to hot or cold and be done with it.

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