Office space for rent while remodeling

My partner and I just purchased a home and are in the process of fixing it up, and the two of us had the money to do two rooms at once and decided that was smart, then i can tell you now it has been a nightmare.

The two of us decided to gut the guest lavatory and redo the office in the house, but well you can’t be in two sites at a single.

Both rooms got totally gutted to the studs and now only a single is getting redone. The lavatory is the main focus since it will be the more time consuming, luxurious project; My partner doesn’t want to cut any corners. The two of us are getting marble tile, a glass shower door, new vanity and LED lights installed. My partner is even talking about expanding the window and making it glass blocks. I am a little worried I will be separate from an office forever, since I work totally from home, not having a good office space is horrible. I have been working on the couch or in a construction zone! Recently I started looking online for office spaces for rent in my area, however office space for rent in Northland did supply me tons of results. I looked at pictures online and I am talking to the company owner about a space. It will stink driving and setting up an office away from home; For right now though, renting an office space might be my only option. The rental space looks good though. I will be able to set up my desk, iPad and all my paperwork and just leave in the locked office.
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