My wife wants heating and cooling system in the barn

My wife thinks of her horses as her children and truthfully, I guess that she entirely likes them more than she likes me! She has been a horse person all of her life.

It all started back when she was a little girl and she used to have a pony and a little cart that she would drive around in the sizable backyard on her property when she still lived with her mom and dad… Now, the people I was with and I live on a sizable ranch and so she thinks that she can have all of the horses that she wants now! I recognize it’s kind of true, too, because this is a person who constantly gets what she wants.

I recognize that’s why I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I’m going to end up with a heating and cooling idea out in the horse barn before too long. She has somehow gotten it in her mind that her precious horses are going to be way too cold this Winter time when the weather starts cooling off and so she wants to put a high efficiency heating and cooling idea out there. I asked her what in the world she wanted to do that for, and she said that the horses are section of the family and she feels exhausting using our Heating and Air Conditioning idea every time she turns the thermostat up or down in the house. She says that it makes her recognize guilty because she knows that the horses are out there in the cold during the winter. I keep trying to get her to see reason, however like I said, she constantly ends up getting what she wants. I guess that in the next few weeks, the people I was with and I are going to end up with a heated and air conditioned horse barn!

a/c representative