My son set me up with a password vault

I don’t know about you, but I am terrible with computers.

  • They always tell me I have a weak password, I need to strengthen it, I need to add two-party verification, and all this other stuff I will never do.

I’m the type of guy that has one password he uses for every single thing. If someone is going to hack me, there is no way I can stop it anyway, right? So why waste time trying to remember a hundred different passwords. The other day my son took me to task over this, and told me I was an old fool, which felt a little harsh. He is a cybersecurity expert, it’s what he does for a living, so I think he was embarrassed his old man knew so little. What does he expect, he went to college and then got certified in several different aspects of risk management and data security protocols. I basically use the computer to look at memes and pay a few bills, so stuff like firewall security and data protection don’t mean anything to me! He said at the very least I need to start using randomized passwords, which is the most basic and primitive level of cybersecurity. I told him I couldn’t remember a bunch of different passwords, so he set up a password vault on my home PC and my phone to give me a higher level of data security. Now I can connect to the vault, which will remember and enter my passwords for me, thanks to my son, the cybersecurity expert.

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