My Son Had His Window Open For Cool Air

Recently, there’s been an increase in my utility bill.

I was running my furnace and air conditioner at optimal temperatures, I was replacing the air filter regularly, and my HVAC technician had just serviced my HVAC system less than 6 months ago.

I searched my house high and low and I couldn’t find any leaks where the air might be slipping out. One night, I woke up feeling really hot and I couldn’t cool down. While I was lying there in bed with no covers on, I realized that my furnace was continuously running. I waited for it to stop, but it didn’t! I never heard my furnace run this much during the daytime, but I didn’t understand why it was running so much at night. I went down the hall to find the thermostat, which was directly across from my son’s room. I’ve always told him that he wasn’t allowed to touch the thermostat settings, so he knows better. The thermostat settings weren’t changed, but it was significantly colder in that area in front of my son’s door. When I opened up his door, I noticed that his bedroom window was wide open. There was a strong breeze coming in, but my son was fast asleep. I quietly shut the window and waited for my thermostat to notice that it wasn’t so cold anymore. When I asked my son why his window was open the next morning, he told me that he was really hot during the night, but he knew he couldn’t touch the thermostat settings.