My son dropped a space heater on my foot yesterday

I was pretty happy to see him pitching in and helping with the attic cleanout

Yesterday we were cleaning out the attic and my teenage son was helping me with it. He was doing it without complaining, which was shocking to me in the first place. He usually gripes and complains any time that I ask him to do something remotely helpful. I guess that’s just how most teenagers are, though, and so I don’t usually yell at him about it or anything like that. I usually just let it go. But yesterday, we decided to clean out the attic over the garage and he came to help me without any prompting from me at all. He decided that he would take over the whole section in the attic that we had devoted to storing all of our heating and cooling supplies. In that part of the attic, we have all of our air filters, our window unit air conditioning systems, some supplies for our gas fireplace, and our three small electric space heaters. He said that he would carry all of that stuff down out of the attic for me and I was really grateful. He’s pretty big and strong and so it’s easier for him to carry the heavier things like the space heaters and the air conditioning units than it is for me to try and carry them. I was pretty happy to see him pitching in and helping with the attic cleanout. That is, I was happy up until the minute that he accidentally came down the stairs to the attic and he tripped over one of the air filters that were on the ground. He dropped the space heater that he was carrying right onto my foot!
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