My sister has really bad luck with A/C

I don’t know what it is, but I swear some people are just born with good luck with things, and some are just born with bad luck. Whether it be talent or something else I don’t know, but I couldn’t help but to think of this when I was talking to my sister earlier this afternoon. My sister was complaining of issues with her heating and cooling system again. This was part of the bad luck I was talking about, but let me go back a little bit further before we get into that. When my sister and I were kids, we liked pretty much all of the same games, so we would both play them. I was naturally talented at games, and was able to beat her pretty quickly. Although I also kind of felt bad for her, because she also seemed to have really bad luck when it came to games, I would give her all of my tips and tricks and she would try them, and still have bad luck. It didn’t even matter if she was playing me or not, the bad luck would persist, otherwise I would have said it was just talent. Anyways, the reason I brought that up is because it makes me think of her bad luck when it comes to HVAC systems, she has extremely bad luck when it comes to them as well. Right now, I have had the same HVAC component for 7 years and it works perfectly, and I don’t even do any maintenance. At first I thought her heating and cooling unit was an obvious lemon, so I gave her a mini split ductless A/C that I didn’t need anymore. The ductless A/C had been working fine for me for over a year, but on the same day I gave it to her, it literally broke.

Mini split air conditioner