My parents like to fix things with duct tape

I remember when I was younger, whenever something would break, my parents would simply whip out duct tape and voila, it was suddenly fixed.

At that time, I actually believed duct tape could fix anything, whether it be a window or an airplane, I thought nothing was impossible.

Obviously I know better now, but my parents have changed their mindset. Anyways, as life moved on and I went and grew up and moved out, I had forgotten about how my parents would do to fix things. I decided to go to HVAC school, as that was fixing air conditioning and heaters, something I kind of liked doing. I spent a little less than 2 years, finished early and received my HVAC certification. It was a proud day for me, because not too long after, I was able to get my first job at a HVAC company. That is one thing I will say that I absolutely love about being a HVAC specialist is that they are always in demand. Ever since I became a HVAC tech, my parents have asked me to come and take a look at their HVAC component whenever they suspect something is wrong. I don’t really mind this, as I am used to fixing HVAC machines and it is something I enjoy doing. When I arrived at my parents house, my dad explained he tried to fix it himself, but it didn’t go very well. At first glance the HVAC unit looked fine, but when I opened it up, it was duct tape galore! I couldn’t help but laugh at my parents’ antics, and then I had to remove the duct tape from inside, which obviously didn’t work. Thankfully for them, all they needed was a part change.

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