My HVAC job employs all the wrong people

Lately my heating and cooling job has had all kinds of HVAC “technicians” if you even want to call them that.

The owner of the HVAC company has been hiring all kinds of weird people.

However, it’s not their fault, I’ve noticed a decrease in quality HVAC professionals. It seems a lot of unskilled people caught wind that they could make a good living off of being HVAC professionals. While that is true, most of these same people don’t want to go to HVAC school to get certified, they seem to have the fake it til you make it kind of attitude. That doesn’t work with heating and cooling though, because it takes skill to fix air conditioners and heaters, skills not all people have. The owner even called me for advice, since I was one of his trusted employees, he was asking for help in picking good potential candidates. At first, they all seemed great. Some resumes boasted 10+ years of HVAC experience. It was until we reached the interview that everything went downhill. Some of these HVAC specialists look like they were homeless. I’m talking about most of these people arriving in pajamas. While I believe in casual wear, this was extreme. There was even one guy who tried to come to his interview in his underwear! He was instantly dismissed. We went from having 11 great resumes to only 2 that seemed potentially good. One of the guys told us he was no longer interested in the position because he could hear the black spirits calling to him, so it sounds like we dodged a bullet anyways. We are now reviewing the last person, hopefully they are normal for once.
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