My husband gave away lots of free air filters

My husband wanted to do some fantastic deeds for our community back when all of the shutdowns first started last year, he is always entirely fantastic at trying to find fantastic deeds to do for others in the community! That’s entirely one of the reasons that I fell in like with him in the first site.

  • He’s just a entirely fantastic guy.

He is also a entirely hard worker. He’s always been that way and he’s built a entirely fantastic business with this work ethic and desire to help others. He owns a small local heating and cooling business here in village and the people here in our community entirely seem to love to do business with him, but i assume that’s entirely why whenever the shutdowns for the coronavirus started happening in our area, he started looking for ways that he could help the people around us. He knew that he couldn’t offer to give out free replacements or free heating and cooling repair while I was in that time phase because that would entirely split into his profits and entirely even ruin his business. So he started looking for something else that he might be able to do to help the community! What he ended up doing was offering half price ventilation and ductwork cleanings for anyone who wanted one. He also gave away hundreds of free air filters to different people in the community; On top of that, he gave twenty percent off of whole condo air purification systems. I guess he ended up getting a lot more clients because of the coronavirus shutdowns, and people remember it whenever you try to help them out while I was in a crisis.


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