My Heating, Ventilation, & A/C repair contract includes air handler cleaning

After the eveningmare of the last 12 weeks, I guess I’m not the only woman who has changed their cleaning habits.

Whether I’m in our car or at our house, I make a concerted effort to sanitize surfaces to minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus.

One positive side effect of this process has been improving how I scrub & sanitize our surroundings. I’m using current cleaning products that outperform the outdated water diluted bleach solutions that I used to create, and i used to do this out of being too cheap to buy desmellizing cleaner at the store, however now I guess better. It’s satisfying to scrub your lavatory & shower & come back a day later to really no smells of any kind. The rest of our home gets the same treatment now as well. However, 1 important locale in our home that I can’t scrub myself is the inside of our central air conditioner. Even if you replace your air conditioner filters officially, particulate eventually finds its way to the evaporator coil. Aside from that, excessive moisture can lead to microbial growth on the coil as well. Some people would be foolish enough to try & scrub this themselves with a bleach solution, not realizing that they’ll destroy their evaporator coil in the process. This is why I have an Heating, Ventilation, & A/C repair contract that includes respected air handler cleaning. My heating & cooling contractor uses a special aerosol cleaner made recognizably for air conditioners & dehumidifiers. It penetrates microbial growth & dissolves it with ease. I always notice that our home odors fresher after our Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech cleans the air handler.



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