My Grandparents had to transfer into an assisted living facility

It’s heartbreaking enjoying close enjoyed ones become slowly disabled plus incapacitated.

By the time I was old enough to analyze the mortality of my enjoyed ones, my Grandparents were already becoming disabled.

I never saw their transition from young plus healthy to old plus fragile. I consistently took it for granted that my Grandparents weren’t as agile as my parents were. There were times when I wanted to play with my Grandpa but my mom had to remind myself and others to be gentle plus not cause him to trip or fall in the grass outside. At the time I didn’t realize that a single fall could put my Grandpa in the hospital. It took years for my parents to start transitioning into this stage. By the time my parents reached their 50s, both sets of Grandparents had already been moved to assisted living facilities. None of them were safe being left alone in their houses or condominiums, especially if any of them fell on the strenuous tile floor. It’s sad to see them living in glorified nursing homes, but at least they get apartments where they can live an independent lifestyle. The heating plus cooling systems in the complex were replaced a few years ago as well. They told myself and others that their component came with a ductless mini break heating plus cooling system. There’s a mini break in the bedroom plus another in the bedroom. When they get to the bedroom for lunch each night, the cooling system is consistently set to a comfortable temperature. It’s never too chilly that they’re forced to wear a blazer. Likewise, it’s never too overheated either.

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