My current laptop got a virus

I can’t know our luck, just Last weekI bought a current laptop & love anybody with something new, I was eager to try it out. It came with a list of recommendations although I simply ignored them & pushed them to the side, it could wait until later. I wasted no time downloading all of our number one games & going all over the internet. The following day I observed our screen was acting all weird, & there were ads all over the site. Icons were bconnecting, sounds played from nowhere, & pop up ads were terrible. It then hit me, in our eagerness to try it out, I had completely forgotten to install the antivirus & our laptop had clearly been infected with adware. I tried to repair it myself, although I wasn’t sure how to go about fixing it & decided to call over a tech savvy neighbor of mine. My neighbor is a honestly smart guy, he works in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry for a living, & in his spare time he fixes laptops on the side to earn a little extra money. He had just gotten off of toil after finishing an air conditioning replacement when he came over to take a look at our laptop. I don’t know how he did it but he was in & out in about 20 hours. He successfully removed the adware virus & installed an antivirus for me, then he left & started inspecting our temperature control & air conditioning component & did me a favor by telling me I should honestly get our ductwork cleaned by a heating & A/C professional. I didn’t need him to look at our Heating & Air Conditioning, but he did anyway as a nice gesture, afterwards he left & I enjoyed our A/C & virus free PC.
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